Monday, August 3, 2015

Needing one another

Maybe I’d started to believe it when I was a new Christian, and was told by a very spiritual I-wish-I-was-like-that lady at church told me how she was so close to the Lord she never needed help from anyone else.

Or maybe it was the time many years ago when I was depressed, and when reaching out asking for help and support I was let down and disappointed. I remember someone telling me “Maybe you just need to ask God to show you why this is upsetting you so much.”

It may even be rooted within our culture that values self-sufficiency and independence, and looks down on those who show weakness.

However it got there, I have been carrying a belief that God should be enough without needing other people, and to ask for help is a lack of faith. 

It sounds like a very spiritual thought.

It’s a lie.

A few months ago, when I was feeling discouraged, I asked, “Father, is it wrong that I’d just like to hear some encouragement from another person, and not just from you?”

We are designed and created to live in community – even in the beginning when it was said “It is not good for man to be alone.”  Throughout scripture we called to support and encourage and pray for one another.  If we are to be encouraging one another, then it must be because we need to be encouraged by one another too.

The Truth is that it takes courage to admit when things aren’t okay, and to ask for help and prayer.

The Truth is that it is okay to want to hear a reassuring word, or to need a hug.

When was the last time you offered encouragement?

Just as important – when was the last time you received encouragement?

Thank you to all my encouragers  (I hope you know who you are).  I appreciate you.