Saturday, September 4, 2010


I started drafting a post last night about making choices.  I’ll come back to that another day.

I was rudely woken up at 4:30am this morning by the world rattling around me.  There’s something about that kind of movement that the pit of your stomach recognises as unnatural.  I immediately thought “earthquake” and moved to grab the children and shelter in the doorframe.

The earthquake was a 7.1 magnitude quake only about 40km away.  Once the shaking paused, the three children all landed in our bed to huddle through the aftershocks.  No-one got much sleep.  A few restless hours later, my radio alarm came on and we got an idea of the scale of what we were in the middle of.

16 hours later, we’re still experiencing aftershocks, and still feeling shaken and rattled – literally as well as emotionally.

Last week I commented about choosing to an attitude of thankfulness.

I’m thankful that everyone I know is okay.  In fact, the news reports tells me that there have been only 2 serious injuries, and no fatalities, out of a city of some 300,000.  I’m thankful that in our neighbourhood there has only been minor damage – broken chimneys, cracked pavements.  I’m thankful for neighbours and friends checking up on each other and looking out for each other.  I’m thankful we still have power and water (even if it does need boiling).

I’m praying for the two families I know of (so far) who have experienced serious structural damage to their homes.  I’m praying for my children, that they won’t be too scared to settle tonight.  I’m praying for a city still in shock, still in a state of emergency, and for those families without power or water, or have been evacuated from their homes.

By giving thanks and praying, I find my heart rate starts to calm, and my focus shifts off myself.  I touch base with a spiritual reality that brings peace and stillness in the midst of all this.  Try it – it does actually work.

What are you thankful for today? Who are you praying for?


  1. I'm thankful that Bendigo missed the worst of the floods this weekend. God has certainly been Acting up the last few days!

    FWIW, I'd keep the kids informed about the earthquake damage and cleanup (age-relevant, of course). Fear of the unknown is more likely to result in nightmares.

  2. No nightmares so far, just wanting lots of cuddles with the bigger aftershocks. They're starting to settle down a bit now (both the children and the aftershocks). A drive to visit Uncle A who was in a more badly damaged area helped in some way I think.