Friday, June 17, 2011

Another shaky day

I was woken up the first time by Mister Two.  The clock said 5:55am, so I let him have a cuddle until the radio came on.
He was starting to squirm.  "Elmo?"
"Okay, you can go and watch Elmo."  I turned on Sesame Street, tucked him on the sofa with a blanket, then trundled back to bed.
I was woken the second time by my cellphone alarm. 6:30am.  I reached over and turned it off, then snuggled back under the duvet.
I was woken the third time by the windows rattling in their frames.  I didn't stop to look at the clock.  The sofa where I had left Mister Two is beneath a bookcase.  The bookcase itself is secured, but the books might shake off it.  I ran quickly into the lounge - Boy was running towards me. "Wobble!"  We had a cuddle back on the sofa after the shaking stopped, then I tucked the blanket back around him.  I glanced at the clock on the way to the shower.  6:37am.

I was at my desk at work.  For some reason the internet was running very slowly.  The page I was trying to log onto was still loading ... the desk started wobbling, then the house started rocking.  My workmate shrieked and scrambled under her desk.  I probably should duck under cover too then.  My heart was pounding in my chest as I crouched under my desk.  I checked the time on my cellphone: 2:40pm.  I found it hard to concentrate.  A quick text to let Hubby know I was okay.  His reply - he hadn't felt it.  I appreciated the afternoon coffee an hour later.

I was shuffling my way through some files.  The boss was on the phone to a client, chatting about the earlier shake.  The house started rocking again.  "Hang on" the Boss said, "Here's another one coming through".  I stayed in my seat, bracing my hands against the desk.  I glanced at the computer clock: 4:20pm  This time Hubby text me to let me know he definitely felt that one.  "There's some monkey poo flying around here".  It took more than a minute to stop shaking.  It took even longer for me to stop feeling shaky.

Just another day in the "new normal".


  1. It is tough. Friday was a not-so-good day. Today has been better (so far). Everything is one day and week at a time.