Monday, February 6, 2012

Broken beer bottles are funny - YEAH RIGHT!

An open letter to the breweries:

Dear Sirs,

Smashing an empty beer bottle onto a school path is such a grown-up thing to do  ... YEAH RIGHT!

That broken glass will magically disappear before the kids go to school in the morning ... YEAH RIGHT!

It would be really funny if someone got hurt on the broken glass ... YEAH RIGHT!

Since beer drinkers can't be responsible with their empties, the breweries will switch to plastic bottles ... Yeah, right?

These photos were taken this afternoon at my local school.  I'm assuming the drinkers of this product were too intoxicated to consider the implications of leaving their broken glass mess for someone else to clean up.  Perhaps the producers of this product might consider taking some responsibility, and considering changing the packaging to something less hazardous.

I would appreciate seeing some action on this issue.

Yours sincerely.


  1. I feel your annoyance. How stupid and dangerous!

  2. Beer in cans seems to work okay - not as recyclable, but not as nasty either. How about beer in a tetra pak? They store and stack easier, and how cool would it be to stick a straw in one and sneak it into your bag? Not that I would ever do that, or condone that. I am a responsible adult, after all. Just sayin'.

  3. Sadly, Louise, the consumers of this product appear to be neither responsible nor adult. Tetra pak sounds like a great idea.

    There's supposed to be a ban on the public drinking of alcohol in this area - so I suppose they drank the beer at home then went for a walk through the school just so they could smash the bottles? Same as for the broken bottles we're having to avoid all the time on the footpaths and in the kids playground in the park.