Sunday, March 18, 2012

One ha' penny, two ha' penny, Hot cross buns!


I haven’t done a product review before, so I’m not quite sure what I’m letting myself in for by agreeing to taste test Baker’s Delight Hot Cross Buns.

So first of all I lined up a taste testing panel, who waited eagerly for the delivery van.

According to that fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia, a Hot Cross Bun is a “sweet, yeast-leavened, spiced bun made with currants or raisins, often with candied citrus fruits, marked with a cross on the top. … In many historically Christian countries, buns are traditionally eaten hot or toasted on Good Friday, with the cross standing as a symbol of the Crucifixion.”

When I was growing up, Hot Cross Buns were reserved for Good Friday.  My favourite way of observing Good Friday begins with a sleep in, then a breakfast of Hot Cross Buns and strong coffee (especially when I’ve fasted from coffee during Lent) before heading off to Church for Good Friday service, and morning tea served afterwards of more Hot Cross Buns and more coffee.

I’m still not used to having them before Good Friday, but the rest of the family has no hesitations.

Miss Eight doesn’t like raisins, so was quite pleased that Bakers Delight had included a packet of Chocolate Chip buns, so they were the first ones in the oven.

And the results were well received:

Mister Three said “’Ummy” – and concentrated on eating the chocolate cross first.
The girls liked breaking theirs open and eating them in halves.  Miss Eight said “Double Thumbs Up”.  Miss Five didn’t say much, she was too busy eating.

My Husband and I grabbed a couple of the traditional fruit buns for our supper.  We didn’t bother heating them, and they were still very nice.  Husband commented that they had “substance” and were satisfyingly filling.

Wikipedea tells me that sharing a hot cross bun with another is supposed to ensure friendship throughout the coming year, particularly if "Half for you and half for me, Between us two shall goodwill be" is said at the time.

Yesterday we moved our office, from the temporary office in the upstairs room of the boss’ house to a converted house in the suburbs.  I took the rest of the buns to feed the team for morning tea.

Once I worked out where the switch to the oven was in the staff room:

Soon the fragrance of spiced buns wafted through to where we were all busy unpacking boxes of files.  The butter melted into the warmed buns.

Everyone appreciated their Hot Cross Buns.  There were lots of raisins, and just the right amount of spiciness.

Baker’s Delight are keen to let you know that hot cross bun cravings will be made all that much sweeter on Saturday March 24, as bakeries across New Zealand hand craft over 21,000 freshly baked hot cross buns to help raise valuable ‘dough’ for Starship Children’s Hospital.  ‘Bundraiser’ Day will see all 32 Bakers Delight bakeries across New Zealand, donate $1 from every six-pack of hot cross buns sold to hospitals across the country, helping make a difference to sick children this Easter.

Baker’s Delight have also given me three $10 Bakers Delight vouchers to giveaway to my readers so you can pick up some hot cross buns for your kids.

Comment on this post, telling me how and when you enjoy Hot Cross Buns in the lead up to Easter time; Is it with a warm cup of coffee for morning tea or straight after you buy them from the bakery? Do you heat up your Hot Cross Buns in the oven? Do you put a bit of butter on them?  I’ll be putting all NZ comments into a draw (sorry, I’m pretty sure the vouchers won’t work in Australia or elsewhere, but I’d still love to hear from you anyway).  Names will be announced on Wednesday.


  1. I love eating my hot cross buns heated up in the oven and smothered with melting butter for lunch. The traditional ones are my favourite for that. The chocolate chip buns are my favourite for that midnight snack when the kids are in bed. I sometimes hide these from the teenager for a day so I can get at least one.

  2. I refuse to eat hot cross buns before easter, but I'm sure that those vouchers will work just fine across the ditch! There's a BD right next to Coles in the city.

  3. Sorry Other Louise, the response from BD was "Thank you for your query. Unfortunately the Bakers Delight vouchers provided are only redeemable in New Zealand."

  4. Our family really likes the chocolate ones, either heated or cold, but definitely with butter or marg.
    Personally I really like the fruit ones heated in the oven then butter melted on them : )
    I will buy some buns before Easter, but not choc eggs or bunnies

  5. Yum! Your photos have made me hungry... For me, they have to be heated up in the oven (with crispy edges) and smothered in butter, then sometimes cheese. Best eaten with family!

  6. Hot cross buns toasted in the oven, then cooled slightly with a small amount of spread on them. Served with a hot drink. Delicious!!

  7. Warmed in the oven and covered in butter and raspberry jam!!!! Yummy :)

  8. Chocolate, warmed in microwave (so still soft) with REAL butter, cuddled under my favourite blanket on the couch with my gorgeous son Hugh

  9. The winners are (thanks to are 5, 4, 2 so that's Sue, Vicki and The Other Louise. Your vouchers will be on the way in the next few days (Louise, I'll send yours to your NZ nominated address.)