Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Zealand Music Month: The Exponents 'Christchurch' #NZMusicMonth

May is New Zealand Music Month, so I'm doing my bit by sharing some of my favourite Kiwi music.

This one was performed at the Earthquake fundraising concert in October 2010.  Back then, there had only been one earthquake to worry about.  Sadly since February this song has become less popular, since there were so many casualties in Cashel Street, and we don't have a Cathedral any more.  I hope it will come back into its own someday - on the other side of the rebuild perhaps - because it's still a great song.


  1. I enjoyed the sentiment behind this song but not the music particalarly.

  2. Like a reasonable amount, but can see why it is not popular at the moment.
    My daughter & I were at that concert. Such a great feeling. We bought the t-shirts! : )