Thursday, June 7, 2012


Winter arrived rather dramatically yesterday, with the first snowfall of the season down to sea level in Christchurch.

Mister Three looked out the window.  “Yay, snow, it’s winter, it’s Christmas, Santa’s coming”.

I phoned the school at 8am.  “Yes, we’re open at this stage.”  So we bundled the children up in coats and hats and scarves and gloves, and drove to school.  As I was helping Miss Six get her coat and gloves off around her cast, we were told, “actually, we’ve just decided we’ll close after all.”  Out side the snow was falling thicker.  We bundled the children back up again and back into the car to drop me off to work.

I asked my boss to drive me home in his 4-wheel drive.

Snow June 2012
View from my office window.  Snow is falling quite thickly.  Pondering how I will get home.

This morning the slush has frozen with the heavy frost overnight.  School will open later in the morning.

Miss Eight’s Snow Creation

We got “over” the novelty of snow in our city last winter.  This year it’s just cold, and not so much fun.  I haven’t been tempted to take lots of photos. (Two were enough).  I spent two hours yesterday afternoon clearing slush off the driveway so we didn’t end up with sheet ice this morning.


  1. We've been hearing about all of your snow! Crazy! I've also heard that there are quite a few people who are living in camper vans because of the quake, so I can imagine that they're really struggling with the cold. Good choice, having your boss drive you home in the 4WD. I hope it melts soon and that life returns to normal :-)

  2. I'm just enjoying other blog snow shots from Taranaki. I hope you all survive!

  3. Wow! This is quite the opposite to our 35 C degrees and waves of heat in Romania. We've been through your situation for our whole winter so I sympathize with you deeply.
    I hope you're all well by now :)


  4. summer is just starting here...that snow seems miles and years away!

  5. And we are having such heat waves here on the East Coast of the US - but as someone who really does not enjoy the ice and slush of winter, I can sympathize!Of course kids do love 'snow days' and will follow the superstition of wearing the pajamas inside out to bring on the snow! : )