Friday, November 16, 2012

Show Day

The sound of small footsteps intrudes into my consciousness. 

“Mummy, I don’t feel very well.”

The clock says 4:30am.

I dose her up and tuck her into my bed next to me where she wriggles and squirms for the next two hours, finally becoming still just before her little brother comes in for his dawn cuddle.

It’s Show Day.  Where “Country comes to Town” for the Canterbury A&P (Agricultural and Provincial) Show (, the climax of the biggest week of the year in the Christchurch Calendar “Cup and Show Week” (  It’s a provincial public holiday today, and we had been planning to go and see “the Show.” It’s a “Royal Show” this year thanks to a planned visit by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. 

Oh well, Daddy gets to take the other children and I get to stay home and be Mum.

In other news, my sister introduced me to  I think she’s glad to have another crafter in the family finally.  I’ve found this pattern, and made a prototype for some Christmas Hamper and Stocking Fillers.  A quiet day at home will be a good chance to make her Friends and Relations.

I think I’ll keep Millie for myself though. 


  1. Catching up. Your sister's coat in your last post is spectacular, as is your mouse.
    I am recently moved to wordpress, leaving behind half my readers alas!! Please would you be able to update your blogroll for Dreaming Beneath the Spires to Thanks so much.
    I guess it's summer in NZ, whereas it's grey and gloomy here, time to hibernate!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Anita. I did wonder why I didn't see any of your posts in my RSS feed when I came back online. I Will update the blog roll as soon as I figure out the new Blogger interface.