Wednesday, June 12, 2013


For several minutes after passing the start line the only sound was the pattering of thousands of running shoes hitting the road.

I ran well and felt good.

Marathon Map

In fact I even appear to be smiling in my official finish line photo.


Considering that three and a half months ago, I hadn’t run for about 25 years, I was actually quite pleased with my placing in my grade (63 out of 233 VW40+).

So now those of my friends who are enthusiastic about running are asking me what the next goal is.  At this stage my answer is “Next year”.  I was surprisingly comfortable running the 10km distance, so it would be interesting to see what time I could get if I actually pushed myself a bit faster.  And no, I’m not addicted (yet).


  1. Awesome! I'm not a runner but for the last couple of months I've been 'running' with friends and today we did 10.16km - longest I've run ever! I've never, ever been a runner. :o)

    1. Well done you, Miriam! I've found it makes a big difference having friends to train with. I trained with my husband, then on the day we ran with another couple from our church. I don't know if I would have got this far if I was doing it all on my own.