Saturday, August 31, 2013

Apparently I have Awesomeness

“It’s Official – I’m Awesome,” I posted on Facebook.

Im Awesome

“Of course you’re awesome,” said my husband from the computer desk a few minutes later.

“But this is someone I’m not even married to who think so too!”

No, honestly, I’m not getting a swelled head, it just feels good when someone writes something nice about you.

Maria from New Zealand It Is Then wrote the following:

Okay, next are two ladies I met at a bloggers' conference this autumn: one's Rachelle and the other's Claudia.
Neither seemed particularly captivating over the internet when I first saw them register for the conference, but boy did I like them both in person! And now as I keep reading their blogs, I have the same feeling I sometimes get with Treena: how is it that I'm not getting more of that awesomeness across from the screen? It's like I feel a little cheated even, like there's so much going on in their heads and in their lives, and I'm just getting little measly snippets here and there.

So basically, there’s not enough of ME coming through in my blog.

Sorry about that folks, it’s not my intention to deprive you of my awesomeness.

When I’m sitting here alone with the thoughts in my head, writing them down, there’s no interaction or dialogue happening.  It’s just going onto a screen then out into a void of the blog-iverse.

Otherwise, when I’m sitting having a conversation with a friend, it’s a different dynamic.  There’s instant feedback, and the conversation will go in all sorts of different directions.  My thoughts will go to different and (if it’s the right kind of friend) deeper places.

So a lot of who I am is sort of defined in interaction with other people.  Which is not always possible to write about because it’s as much about the other person as it is about me and not always appropriate for a public forum.

The challenge for me is to work on that part of my writing.  To let more of myself show.  So you all get to see my awesomeness too.


  1. Your posts with pics reflecting on earthquake recovery seem to show a lot of your heart and soul. Also the recent one on your church community. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Gary. Feedback from a real live published author is always appreciated.

  2. So in other words, you're saying that if we reply immediately to your blog posts and get a dialogue going, we will help you manifest your awesomeness to the world!

  3. It would help, Tim. And it's nice to know that there are real people out there actually reading my blog too.

    Sadly, I suspect that a large percentage of my awesomeness is communicated non-verbally, which means that those who only know my online presence will be forever deprived. I will however, endeavour to mitigate the loss as much as possible by improving my writing skill.

  4. So I was thinking about you saying that you would like to accept that dinner invitation. And what I thought was: how about when it gets a bit warmer (how many kids have you got? Three?) you could come up on a Friday night or maybe Saturday night and stay over. We'd stick kids in the tent in the yard, and you guys could be up in the house in the guest bedroom, and we'd have a campfire going and maybe grill some sausages or chicken or veggies or even marshmallows, depending on what you guys are used to, and then in the morning I could whip up that famous omelet, or pancakes if you're wanting something sweeter. Have a think. There's plenty of space for kids to explore and climb rocks or just run around.

    Oh, and I didn't know what your e-mail was, hence commenting here.

    1. Now that does sound like a plan!! How about private messaging me via Twitter or Facebook with your email address and we'll make it happen. (Links on sidebar above).

  5. Uhm... Can't figure out how to do it in twitter without making it public for everyone to see. Haven't got facebook. Can you e-mail me? It's my twitter name at gmail.

    The tech nerd

  6. But about that topic of awesomeness: I really like when you write about the church and your faith. I learn a lot.

    1. Thanks Maria. I really appreciate that. Sometimes I feel a bit out of my depth writing about faith. I don't have the theological training that other writers like Gary and Tim (above) do.