Sunday, October 20, 2013

All the fun of the Show

The rural “A&P (Agricultural and Pastoral) Shows” are an un-missable part of the New Zealand Summer.  The local show is the highlight of the year for many rural communities.  If you’re visiting New Zealand during the season, make sure you find a local show to visit while you’re here.  (And if you live here, don’t miss your local show in your region).

The children love it.  They enjoy seeing all the animals, including sheep:


These goats help make my favourite Goats Milk Soap:

At this time of the year, there’s lots of baby animals on display:

The pipe bands make a great atmosphere:

There’s also baking, hand crafts, dancing, show jumping, and the finale of the Grand Parade:


  1. I loved going to this as a child! Kind of miss it now I live in the UK!

  2. We heard on the radio today that the Rangiora one is this weekend : )