Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Diabolical December

Nutty November has become Diabolical December – at least for the first half of the month.  It seems like everyone thought “Let’s do our end of year thing at the beginning of December before it gets too busy” with the result that the beginning of December is now frantically busier than the second half of December.

I’ve made an advent wreath, and because I wasn’t organised enough to buy lollies, I photocopied the devotions for December from Bible Through The Seasons (that I used last year), and slipped each day’s reading into the advent calendar pockets.

Even with making a little bit of “slow time” each day with the family, I’m still feeling the effects of the busy-ness of this season.  I’m finding that normal pressures are becoming stressful, normal stresses are triggering anxiety, the knots in my stomach are out of proportion to what’s triggering them.  I’m recognising that this is my body’s way of telling me I need a break, a holiday!  Until that happens, I’ll make do with crawling into my nest/cave/corner of the bedroom whenever I can and hiding with a book.  Let me know when it’s all over and I’ll come back out then.

How are you coping with the “Silly Season”?

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