Monday, September 23, 2013

Breathing Space

This is not like a normal Sunday service.  Lights are dimmed.  The seating is relaxed and comfortable.

A few songs, reflection, discussion and prayer. 

God.  Us.  Time together.

We call this “Breathing Space”.

It’s choosing to gather and set this time aside to reconnect together with our creator.

All are welcome.  Will you come?


  1. Sometimes, I'm convinced that this is how all worship services should be.

    1. Wouldn't it be wonderful!
      In reality I think there's different times for different styles of worship. This type of service wouldn't work so well for families with young children, for example. (It's actually quite nice to leave the children at home with their Dad for some distraction-free worship, usually on a Sunday Morning I can only worship with about half my attention, while the other half is responding to my children).

  2. if i wanted to come along and see what it's like, would... i be welcome?

    1. Yes definitely! The details are here: