Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taken for granted? Not this blogger.

Earlier this week I got the following email:

"We are working on putting together an exciting new piece on ‘New Zealand's Top Mummy Bloggers Travel Tips for 2013’ and you have been selected as one of the Top 30 bloggers for interview. Congratulations on making the list! I am writing to ask whether you might spare 5 minutes of your time to answer the 9 quick interview questions below?
Once complete we will list the best answers received into a fabulously designed post and link to your blog as well as your social media channels from within the post. In exchange for your time, you will gain exposure for your blog as we promote the post through our social media channels "

The first thing that raised my suspicions was that I was apparently a Top 30 blogger.  I’m pretty realistic about how many of you are actually reading this, and it’s not the top 30.

Then there was the fact that my time is only worth a bit of exposure. It felt a bit like being taken for granted. It was not like being asked to do a product review in return for a sample of whatever I’m reviewing, I don’t mind that.  In fact I find that a lot of fun to do, if the product is interesting and relevant to me. (Hint hint to any brands out there reading this).

So I turned to the Parents Online community to see what they thought, and discovered that nearly everyone in that group had received the same email. 

Vicki from Vegemitevix has posted her reply to the promoter:

I was so excited to read your email and to find out that I am one of the top 30 Kiwi travel bloggers. How wonderful! Did that mean you were about to offer me a fabulous trip to a five star spa, as I have been offered previously in the trip from the […] (Read the rest here – it’s brilliant)

It occurred to me that in a larger country, the PR firm may have got away with this.  But us Kiwi Bloggers are a pretty social lot, and we swap notes with each other. 

How many of you other bloggers also got this email?  How did you respond to it?


  1. Thanks for linking up! I hope I didn't come across as too harsh but I really believe we are worth more respect than approaches like these deliver.

  2. I hope they think again before trying to con Kiwi Bloggers. I've learned a lot today about how these SEO people work to try to get their stats up. I don't mind being small fry, I'd rather stay honest.

  3. that is great - i didn't even get one of those emails :o) Thanks for your email the other day too I must get on to it :o) x