Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glimpses of Joy

CS Lewis wrote a lot about Joy.  I can’t find the exact quote – but in my paraphrase the glimpses of Joy we experience in this world are but pale reflections of the Joy that awaits us in the world to come.

If we try to grasp and hold onto or seek after Joy for its own sake, we miss the point, and the very experience of Joy slips through our fingers.

Here are some glimpses of Joy that have kept me going this last week:

- My children playing with their imaginations and nature. Punakaiki3-1a

- Exploring and Rediscovering my favourite placesclip_image005 clip_image006



- Finding faces in the cliffs…    


…and goldfish in a garden

- An abundance of Life…
Punakaiki5a                                                     …and signs of re-growth and renewal

- Hearing with your soul the music of creation

- A sunset at the beachclip_image015

Glimpses of Joy are gifts of Grace.  I will accept and appreciate the moment, and drink of the refreshment offered.

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