Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Quick Fixes

I've been thinking about the emotional rebuild. In some ways it would be easier to do the "carry on with the surface living, and given enough time the emotions and memories will fade" strategy.

I can see two problems with that approach. The first is that I don't think the memories will ever really fade even after the emotions do. And I don't think I want then to. My reading on the subject suggests that it's healthier to not try to ignore the memories, but rather assimilate them into my consciousness. Let these experiences become part of who I am and what makes me me. Thats seems to be why most people I come across in Christchurch naturally want to tell and retell their stories.

Secondly, I think this could be an opportunity for improvement within myself. I already know that surviving an event like an earthquake makes one stronger and more resilient.  More than that I'd like to come through this a better person. To do that I need to be taking the time to reflect on my experiences, and how I can allow them to be a catalyst for transformation.

None of this is a quick fix get over it kind of process.  It probably wouldn't work if it was. It's a journey. My faith tells me it's a journey God will be walking through with me.  In fact, I don't think as humans I have the ability to change myself. That change comes from the Holy Spirit transforming me from within, as I allow Him to work within me.  This is going to be an interesting and challenging road.

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  1. Blessings, Adulcia, as you rebuild!We've visited Christchurch a couple of times, most recently in 2010. My husband grew up in NZ, and his brother and sister in law are doctors in Christchurch--Jeph and Kaaren Mathias, though they are currently missionary doctors in India. I've enjoyed following your blog.